Digital Art Display for Artists: Artist Discovers New Use for Nimbus Frame

Artists can use large digital art displays to enhance their artwork. There are now new revenue streams and artistic expression uses with digital frames.  See how a recent local artist has discovered a unique way to add motion and interest to her stained-glass artwork with a Digital Art Display for Artists by Nimbus, LTD.

At, our fledging Artist Program has allowed artists and art teachers to explore the benefits of Nimbus Frames with their artwork.  They can discover the value of digitizing art to display on a digital art display.  We have a program to allow artists to apply for an Orion Nimbus Frame to use as they explore the benefits of digital art.  Our selection panel chooses artists that can be examples to others in their genre of how a large digital photo display can enhance their work.  We want to allow them to find new revenue opportunities through subscription sales on the Nimbus system or for uses as art show displays.  Nimbus, LTD also offers a wholesale/distributor price allowing artists and resellers to sell Nimbus Digital Art Displays with their artwork to their clients and customers.

Examples of creators participating in the Nimbus Artist Program include an art teacher in New York using Nimbus Frames to show her students how to display their works. The Orion Nimbus Frame allows her to display the entire class’s creations in one wall hanging.  We have a “Fun Art” artist in Austin Texas who displays his caricatures and creations in his art shows as well as explores adding motion to his digitized artwork.  Kevin Middleton also has Fun Artworks available for purchase on the Nimbus Portal.  Also, an anime game developer has benefited from our art program.  Our goal is to educate the art world and allow them to discover how the digital world of art can complement their current sales strategies.

Our newest artist exploring the Nimbus display is using it in a new and unique way.  Maria Valentina Sheets is a local glass artist that creates images and paintings in stained glass.  She often back-lights her stained-glass images in lightboxes.  How can a stained-glass art piece use a digital display?  In this show, she has a Nimbus Frame changing the story behind her stained-glass creation as the scenery and character change thru life events.  The Nimbus digital art display also illuminates the glass in each scene.  To view her upcoming solo show, visit Valkarie Gallery, 445 S Saulsbury St, Lakewood, CO 80226 December 18, 2021, to January 9, 2022.

Maria’s “Sinners, Saints, and Fools” show description and biography is quoted from the Valkarie Gallery’s Facebook page:

Stained Glass Digital Art Display Early life image as background changes.

Stained glass on Digital Art Display Life changes. Family & Married life.

Life happens on Nimbus Digital Art Display 9-11, loss and aging.

In the exhibit, “Sinners, Saints, and Fools”, artist Maria Valentina Sheets pushes the once traditional medium of iconographic, kiln-fired, stained glass panel portraiture towards a contemporary homage by placing characters amidst the symbolic, often chaotic, detritus of modern environments.

Prior to becoming a master glass painter and art conservator, Sheets spent her childhood within the top story of a Russian Orthodox Church in San Francisco where her grandmother (a pharmacist/nurse for retirement homes), great aunt, and great Uncle (a Russian Orthodox priest and Iconographer) resided while her parents took part in the counterculture activities of Haight-Ashbury. Amidst the social/familial upheaval, early impressions of liturgical arts were made as she watched her great uncle meditatively paint icons in the centuries-old techniques using materials such as oil, natural gesso, clay bole, egg tempera, ground pigments, and gold.

By the end of near century-long life, Sheets’ grandmother, after having survived the Russian Revolution and two world wars in Germany had “curated” her final belongings to objects that could fit loosely into two suitcases filled with letters, photos, and original art. It was a profound message to the artist that more value should be placed on the appreciation of momentary decisions and meditation. Her own work, now adhering more towards social realism/transcendentalism than orthodox theology, holds focus on the power of presence, reflecting on the struggle of these “Sinners, Saints, and Fools” in search for, the often ephemeral, sublime.

Holding a Masters of Humanities from UT Dallas and a Professional Associates Status Certificate from the American Institute for Conservation, Sheets was contracted as chief conservator for the fire recovery project at the Museum of Biblical Art and the National Jewish Collection in Dallas, Texas. In addition to treating contemporary, historic, liturgic, and archaeological artifacts for private collections, galleries, museums for over two decades, she teaches courses on collections care, painting, and traditional liturgical arts such as gilding, pysanky, traditional iconography, and glass painting/fusing.

Maria Valentina Sheets Glassworks has been contracted by large glass firms for numerous architectural glass commissions which include universities, houses of worship, businesses, and private residences nationally. Her work was chosen in recent juried exhibitions such as American Glass Guild NOW 2016(juror, contemporary artist Judith Schaecter), Texas National 2018 (juror Jed Perl, international art critic), and Materials Hard and Soft International Craft Exhibition 2019(2nd place of 1100 entries). In 2021, Sheets, in conjunction with Scottish Stained Glass of Denver, designed and painted the new “Legacy Window” installed at historic Vernon AME in the Greenwood, District of Tulsa, depicting over 120 years of the church’s history and its survival through the Tulsa Race Massacre.

Sheets studio is located in Evergreen, Colorado and her work can be viewed at and

Local coverage of Maria’s art show:

Canyon Courier

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As an artist, we hope you too can imagine new ways to use digital art displays to enhance your artwork and show more pieces.  Contact us for more information.

Update:  “The Last Cigarette” stained-glass with Nimbus Digital Art Display sold on opening night.  It will still be on display thru January 9th during the solo art show.  Stop in and see it if you are in the Denver area!


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