Additional Frame One Year Service Plan on Unlimited Account


Nimbus Digital Art Frame One Year Service is 1/2 price to display beautiful art and photography, moving art, photography, and your own family photos on a large, each additional high-resolution 1080p digital picture frame.  Recurring Annually.


One Year Service Plan for Additional Frame on Unlimited Account, Recurring Annually.  Each Nimbus digital art frame requires a service plan.   The service plan gives the frame access to the Nimbus Portal,  Nimbus Art Collection and storage space for personal uploaded images.

*Unlimited Service*  includes unlimited uploads, unlimited playlists, and full access to the Nimbus Art Collection* including over 5000 extra high quality pieces from museum collections.  The service fee for the first frame on an account is payable monthly or yearly.   Additional frames get service at 1/2 service price each.  For the convenience of no monthly payments, we offer a lifetime service option for a one-time fee. *Premium Art not included.

*Optional* Premium Art pieces and Collections are special artwork directly from artists or galleries.  The collections are curated by the owning artist/gallery and change over time.  Premium Art pieces and Collections are purchasable through your account as a Subscription or a Lifetime Purchase.  Pricing is set by the artist.  Opting to purchase Premium Art allows you to support the individual artist, Nimbus takes only a small handling percentage.


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