Nimbus Frames

Nimbus Art Displays Come in Two Sizes


Frame Size: 32″ diagonal 29″ X 17 1/4″ X 2″
Screen Size: 27.75″ X 15.75″
Product Image not to scale

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Service Plan selection is required.


digital art frame

Frame Size: 43″ diagonal 38 3/8″ X 22 1/4″ X 2″
Screen Size: 37″ X 21″
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Service Plan selection is required.

Service Plans

Select during check-out when purchasing a display.


Number of personal uploads50200No Limit
Number of PlaylistsN/A3No Limit
Art From Our Collection5 Pieces at a time20 Pieces at a timeNo Limit
Number of Displays per account2 Displays5 displaysNo Limit
Motion ArtNoYesYes
Monthly Service FeesN/A$6.00 / mo
$8.00 / mo
Annual Fee OptionN/AYes - $65 / yrYes - $87 / yr
Lifetime DealN/ANot available$435
Secondary Frame Service
( more than one frame on an account )
N/AHalf priceHalf Price
Premium Art AvailableYesYesYes

Each Nimbus digital art frame requires a service plan.   The service plan gives the frame access to the Nimbus Portal,  Nimbus Art Collection and storage space for personal uploaded images.

The FREE Service plan option allows a limit of 2 displays on an account, 50 personal uploads, 5 pieces of art from the Nimbus collection*.  New accounts are automatically enrolled with this service unless you upgrade.

Basic Service allows a limit of 5 displays on an account, 200 personal uploads, motion art, 20 pieces of art from the Nimbus collection* on up to three playlists.  This is a great option to test out the service. Additional frames get service at 1/2 service price each.

 Premier Service includes unlimited uploads, unlimited playlists, and full access to the Nimbus Art Collection* including over 5000 extra high-quality pieces from our museum collections.  The service fee can be monthly or yearly.   Additional frames get service at 1/2 service price each.  We offer a lifetime, unlimited service option for a one-time fee, for the convenience of no recurring payments. *Premium Art not included. *The Mosaic feature requires unlimited service.  Free accounts must upgrade to utilize the mosaic feature across multiple frames.

*Optional* Premium Art pieces and Collections are special artwork directly from artists or galleries.  The collections are curated by the owning artist/gallery and change over time.  Premium Art pieces and Collections are purchasable through your account as a Subscription or a Lifetime Purchase.  Pricing is set by the artist.  Opting to purchase Premium Art allows you to support the individual artist, Nimbus takes only a small handling percentage.

No Risk, No Questions Asked
Return Policy

If you are not happy, we are not happy. That’s why we offer a 30-day no questions asked return policy. Just let us know and we will refund full purchase price upon receiving the product back in good condition.