A Large Digital Art Frame can showcase the pivotal events in your life.

Graduation season.  School is ending for the year.  Summer is coming.  Summer vacations and recreation activities are being planned.  Can you feel it in the air?

Engagements and Wedding Photography Sessions were a whirlwind of capturing the love and excitement as you begin this new adventure!

How did your portrait session go?  Did you get some great shots to memorialize these years of youth, of joining of lives and of transitions to the next season?  We celebrate the photographers that are capturing memories during this season of your life!  Thank you!

If you chose a digital package from your photography session. you have a vast number of poses that you can make into wall art.  Nimbus Frame allows you to make a playlist of all these wonderful shots or just your very favorites.

A newer movement in Photography is Motion Art.  Rather than a portrait holding a football, your football player can capture the action of throwing the football for posterity.  Your wedding gown can twirl in the meadow and you can fly into the groom’s arms.  These short videos make great Motion Art on the Nimbus Frame.

The option of digitally displaying photography was not easily available when my kids were getting their Senior pictures done much less for our wedding 30 years ago.  My oldest son’s digital package was not even cost effective to purchase.  We only received the few prints we purchased at that time.  For the next two kids, we ended the session with a CD of all their photos and no pictures to display until we sent them off to have printed.  Then we stored them in the cloud to archive them forever.  This is one of the motivating factors that lead to the creation of Nimbus Frame (Nimbus is “a cloud surrounding a person or thing”). We can now get all our Memories we have archived in the cloud and enjoy them once again.  It’s Throw Back Thursday every day at Nimbus Frame!

Now you can capture those Summer vacations, activities and recreations and upload them to your Nimbus Frame so you can have a digital canvas as your decor year-round.  Add some Art from the Nimbus collection or uploads of personal photos and you have a rotating playlist to Reconnect with your Memories and Experience the Masters as you Explore the World of Art.

Nimbus LTD is a Colorado based e-commerce manufacturer of Nimbus Frames -large digital picture frame, the best way to display your digital wall art and photos.