How to decorate your home with pictures from yesterday for your family tomorrow.

Do you have your favorite books on a shelf?  Your most recent reads on an end table, close at hand?  Or have you moved completely to the digital age and you’re now downloading them to your device?

Thirty years ago, for college graduation, my Dad gave my husband, Tom a nice Nikon Camera.  Those were still the days of film and mailing off for development of pictures.  Later, I remember as a new parent one of our favorite gifts from our parents was a VHS video camera.  There was no time to waste in capturing every milestone and achievement in these new little lives.  Capturing memories was always important to our folks and quickly became a priority for us as well.  These memories led me to reminisce about how photography and videos have always been an important part of my history.Ancestor photo wall

Growing up in the early 70’s, I remember having family and friends over in the evening to watch black and white videos of birthday parties, Easter egg hunts, and recent vacations on the screen pulled out of the closet and unfolded, rolled out.  Dad would set up the reel and Mother would make popcorn in a pan with lots of salt and butter.  The lights would be turned down and the projector would clatter and roll.  Or click with the slides changing for stills.  Those are precious memories.  There was a sense of connection and sharing with our neighbors who came over or our family when they came for a weekend visit.

My Dad was an amateur photographer and loved taking pictures of people and places.  We have archives of slides and negatives from parades, family gatherings, vacations, and celebrations.

And I remember my grandparent’s walls were covered with baby pictures, yearly school pics, senior pictures of each child, as well as, each family in a group shot, and all our ancestor’s portraits in black and white, technicolor and color.   My parents carried on that tradition of decorating the hallway to the bedrooms with a wall of family ancestors and images.

How do we continue these traditions today?  We live in a world of HGTV decorating shows and access to home interior designs that do not always include a tribute to the past.  Most of our connections are on social sites rather than home gatherings.

  • Scrap-booking and Photo Albums on the coffee table as accents are ways some keep photos and memories at hand. Websites like shutterbug offer easy beautiful customized books of your photos.
  • Slideshows and screen savers on our computer monitors are a great way to have access to these photos too.
  • Sometimes people purchase small tabletop digital frames to upload and view images. I suggest a large wall digital display.  Bigger is always better when it comes to viewing details in photos and viewing art as well.  Nimbus Frame digital art/photo displays hang on the wall and are so much bigger than the 10 inch tabletop versions of the frame

Nimbus frames are designed with an idea of complimenting your décor.  We hope you hang those antique framed heirloom photos in an arrangement with an Orion, perhaps.  Let some art and current family shots intermingle with the memories and history on your wall.  Change the playlist from time to time to celebrate life events and holidays.

So whether you need to de-clutter the walls of photos or the storage boxes and files, you  can view and enjoy your memories on a Nimbus (large, digital, photo) Frame.

Let’s have a dinner party.  Show off your vacation photos and family on your Nimbus Frame.  Include some video shots of all the baby’s firsts, kid’s sports successes and goals, playful memories.  Let’s make our history our legacy as well.