A Story During COVID

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One of our utmost passions at Nimbus, LTD is to help you reconnect with your memories.  Little did we know how meaningful this mission would become.  Frankly, when we began this company, we were focused on our own images trapped in the cloud and on devices.  One of our favorite taglines is “Your favorite images seen, not stored.”  We all have those favorite images stored on our phones, and we believe pictures are meant to be seen, not stored. That is why Nimbus brings you digital art for any space in your home. Curate your collection and switch out art or photos as you please.

At the beginning of our Nimbus journey when this was still simply a creative hobby, we gifted a Nimbus to our parents.  Then we began scanning images for our parent’s Nimbus Frame and inviting our siblings and their kids to send images. Their playlist grew.  All the while, Dad was struggling with Dementia/Alzheimer’s and Mom’s health was declining as his caregiver.  When Dad went into Memory care, we hung an Orion in his apartment and added it to my parent’s Nimbus account.  Now he could enjoy the photos he had taken over the years as an amateur photographer as well as scanned pictures of his youth, and his memories, but also all updates of the grandkids and family.  When I traveled to visit him, we would talk about the images on his frame as we sat together.

Then COVID.  Our worlds changed and visits were stopped.  His Nimbus Frame continued to scroll.  I was thrilled when they opened for window visits, but it was not the same.  Then one of the staff began offering Skype calls.  I scheduled a Skype visit for every other day.  The Nimbus Frame became our connection to reality.  Living in Colorado while Mom and Dad in Oklahoma, I felt like I was visiting more frequently.  In this way, technology has been a glimmer of blessing in this pandemic for me.

I have read a lot on Dementia and Alzheimer’s care.  It is often suggested that family and caregivers should step into the patient’s current reality rather than correcting wrong memories or stories.  This article is a recent one that helped:

How to Talk to Someone with Dementia



I strive to be upbeat, listen, be in the moment with my Dad.

Early in the pandemic, when our Skype calls began, I sent my siblings the following instructions, as well as my parents account login, so perhaps they could also connect this way when visiting by Skype:

Hey Guys,

I just got off a Skype call with Dad.  I do not know if you guys Skype, but I thought I would share what helps to make some conversation during some of the downtimes.  Usually, I just comment on what he shares as he watches the activity around him.  But then he will notice a picture on his Nimbus Frame, and we will talk about who he is seeing at the moment and what is on the screen.  I like to log into mom and dad’s account so I can have it up on the screen beside the skype call and I can see what he sees. 

This is the home screen:


If you click on the frame named “Dad” at the top it will show what is on his frame a little larger with controls for the playlist (Back, Pause, Forward).



The pause button lets you keep it on a picture that he is engaging with and the arrows let you move back to a previous picture or move forward to find a more interesting picture that he might be more engaged with.

Happy Skyping!

Love, DeeAnn

 Dad is continuing to progress with Alzheimer’s.  It is a horrible disease   Our conversations are more one-sided, as I acknowledge his mumbles and communicate joy to him.  He is forgetting how to eat hand to mouth and how to sit down in a chair.  He is sleeping more.  I did not get to Skype with him all last week because he was sleeping.  And as I wait on his call today, I cherish even these memories we have made this past COVID:  The Skype photos I have taken of him laughing at the stories we shared, even if they were just about what was in front of him or on his Nimbus Frame. So, as I write this, I continue to patiently wait, hoping he is awake and up, so his caregivers will call, and I can cheerfully greet him and introduce myself.

Make Memories.  Cherish those Moments.  Reconnect with Memories with NimbusFrame.com