Nimbus Digital Art Displays were created to display beautiful art and photography on a digital picture frame.  With the Orion or the Polaris, you can display beautiful moving art, art, photography, and your family photos on a large, high-resolution 1080p digital picture frame.

Color Your Walls with Memories & Moments

Good News!  Our standard displays, the Polaris and the Orion, are back in production after a heart-rendering season of supply chain issuesFollowing the historic events in previous years, the suppliers of two significant components of these products halted production and we weren’t sure we could acquire the necessary items in the future.  As entrepreneurs building this business and product line since 2016, we knew we had difficult decisions to make.  We sold out of all the products we could build.  We canceled all paid advertising and unnecessary expenditures.  Income all but stopped.  Expenses slowed down.  Many companies were experiencing similar stories.  Suddenly, we had more time.

 “We must use time as a tool, not as a couch.” —John F. Kennedy

Rather than closing the doors and calling it a day, we decided to continue forward.  We love our customers.  To begin, we worked on software to pivot our products using different inventory parts.  Then, we started working on software designs that we call our Next Gen, to support new products that we had been dreaming of from the beginning.  The Next Gen software would support 4K resolution, expand our offerings in the digital art space, and allow the Nimbus Digital Art to be experienced on any TV.  The work was time-consuming.  Time, we hadn’t had before.

Now, just as we enter a testing phase, one of the previous parts that were unavailable has started production again! We are busier than ever building our beloved Orions and Polarises.  But keep an eye on Nimbus, LTD’s Digital Art Displays….more is on the way.


Rigel-the 4K version of our largest frame, Polaris



Andromeda, a unique (22” diagonal) 16″  square digital display that has a 4K equivalent resolution.

These are stunning additions to our product line that will be launched later this year. We are grateful that we have had some extra time to focus on product development and even more grateful that inventory parts are finding their way back into production.  New challenges are always on the horizon and we look forward to providing additional ways for you to enjoy your art.  It’s your display, showing your art your way!


Nimbus Digital Art Displays-The Way your Pictures Were Meant to Be Enjoyed