Nimbus Digital Art Displays are a great way to showcase your photographs and digital art. Our frames come in two sizes (a 29″ display and a 38″ display, with a third square size coming soon) and can be displayed in portrait or landscape mode to fit your decor. Additionally, for larger displays, we offer the Mosaic feature that allows multiple frames to link together to fill a large wall.  The displays can rotate between multiple images or spread one image over the entire wall of the Mosaic. It is stunning. You can change your art to fit your mood.

A Conversation with AI

Have you explored the world of AI yet?  I have been curious.  But what should I ask?  Why not ask something I know about and see if I’m missing anything?  Obviously, Nimbus Frames!

So, I asked the Microsoft Bing AI to describe Nimbus Digital Art Displays. Here is what it shared:

Nimbus Frames are wall-mounted digital picture frames that come in two sizes: 29×17 inches and 38×22 inches( They are WiFi enabled and can display your personal photos, motion images, or digital art pieces from the Nimbus Art Collection( You can also use Nimbus Frames as an NFT art frame to showcase your non-fungible tokens(

Nimbus Digital Art Displays (/Nimbus Portal) is the system that powers the Nimbus Frames. They allow you to create your Nimbus Cloud Service account and choose your cloud subscription level from free, premium, or unlimited( You can also access the Nimbus Portal, where you can upload your own images, browse and purchase art from the Nimbus Art Collection, and manage your playlists and settings( You can also connect multiple displays using the mosaic feature, which lets you create a larger image across several frames(

Nimbus Frames and Nimbus Digital Art Displays are designed to showcase the beauty of quality images and to color your walls with memories and moments(

Asking for a general Digital Art Display description resulted in the AI answering with this:

A digital art display is a device that allows you to showcase various artworks on your wall, such as paintings, photographs, animations, or NFTs. They are different from TVs or digital photo frames because they have features that enhance the quality and authenticity of the art, such as anti-glare screens, wide color gamuts, internet connectivity, and curated collections1Some examples of digital art displays are Nimbus FramesSamsung The Frame TV, and Netgear Meural Canvas II23. They come in different sizes and prices to suit your preferences and budget.

Unfortunately, although listed as an example, Nimbus Digital Art Displays were not featured in the article linked above. All things considered, we feel like the information is a great way for you to compare us with our competition and find the best way to display your photographs and art to fit your needs.  Nimbus, LTD is a smaller company competing with some pretty impressive digital frames. We boast a larger screen size than all our competitors other than The Frame TV and are available for purchase and ship within 24 hours in most cases.  As has been noted, the Mosaic feature is a selling point as well.   Nimbus, LTD has seen other companies in this sector come and go. And although the supply chain gave us pause, we continue strong in 2023.

Compare and Contrast

Another recent article featuring many of our competitors gives a good overview of digital art today.  The 7 Best NFT Displays for Digital Artworks in 2023 ( We would boldly add Nimbus Digital Art Displays as Number Eight on this list and urge you to check out Compare the size, features, and price. Nimbus Digital Displays — the way your pictures were meant to be displayed. Our stylish displays were designed to show off your pictures in stunning clarity.


AI knows everything about anything, apparently.  I have been fascinated by all the buzz.  I love having tools to assist us in our creativity and work but I won’t be cheering for AI to take over the world anytime soon.  For now, it is a novel toy.  Something to explore and learn about.  It was fun to see what it gathered on Digital Art Displays and the road it led me down today.  If you are seeking ways to display your images and art I hope this journey will give you some ideas.  And of course, we at Nimbus are here to help. Nimbus Digital Art Displays are a great way to showcase your photographs and digital art!