Nimbus smart digital art frames are the best cloud photo frame and wifi enabled digital frame on the market and we just got better.  You can upload your family photos, create playlists from your travel photos, and explore the world of art on the Nimbus Portal.  Those explorations have just improved!

*NEW*    We are replacing the Advanced Search feature with a NEW Keyword Search on  Click the button “Search our Art” to browse our larger, ever-growing-database of Nimbus Art and Collections using a keyword search.

You can find the Search our Art tab under Art Collections on the homepage.  We are adding an upgraded search engine, updated look, increased database, and partnerships with digital art databases to give you more available media for your Nimbus Frame.

Type in a keyword for the type of images you would like on your playlist.  Want a virtual vacation to Paris? Step back in time with portraits of Paris?

The new search engine comes up with art and images related to Paris.  Perhaps you can put together a travel playlist and virtual art celebration to enjoy until travel is open again.

This example search came up with 270 pieces of Art under the Paris keyword.  Either click on the keyword link to view 270 pieces of Paris or scroll down to view the images that include Paris in the title to find paintings, images, and motion art to add to your playlist.



Here is a sample of Art from Pixabay, a partnering art database available on Nimbus Frames:

And there are many artists featured in the updated database as well:

Other fun search ideas are vacation (find images of a variety of travel photos for your virtual vacay), beach (craving sun and sand?), mountains (for those who like the scenery on high).

Images, art, photographs, paintings; There is a world of Art to explore with  Click and drag to a current playlist or create a new playlist to enjoy.