PARIS, FRANCE – “Wouldn’t it be great if we could display our kids’ graduation photos on a large digital art frame?” I asked my husband as I stared at the 30-foot artwork in the basement of the Louvre. The frame held a digital picture where the lady in the portrait would close her eyes and a bird passed over her. It was quite fascinating, and we were both awestruck at the creativity the artist used.

After saying that to my husband, that is when the lightbulb went off in his head. My husband is a techy guy and when we got back to the states, he created a digital frame so we could see our kids’ graduation photos as a slideshow on a personal frame. Once my parents saw it, they immediately requested one for themselves.

Then our friends wanted one and that is how Nimbus Frames got started.

You never know how a business idea will get started. Never be closed to new “lightbulb” moments or the possibilities of what could be created. Tell me your lightbulb moment, whether it be a business idea or just a thought that you turned into reality.