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2 Sizes to Choose From

Digital Art Display

What is a Nimbus Digital Art Display?

It’s not a canvas. And it’s not a TV. It’s what we like to call a Digital Art Display or the way your pictures were meant to be displayed. Our stylish displays were designed to show off your pictures in stunning clarity.

With a Nimbus Digital Art Display you can choose between portrait or landscape orientation. And you won’t have to squint to see your pictures on the Display. Now you have a place to show off the long forgotten photos from your phone’s camera reel. Or a piece of artwork from our art collection. You can even show off your NFTs and moving pictures.

Your pictures deserve to be displayed in their full beauty, at their fullest potential. Your pictures deserve to be shown on a Nimbus Digital Art Display. Your walls will thank you.

Cover Your Wall
with a Mosaic

When one display isn’t big enough to show the beauty of your photos, what can you do? If you have multiple Nimbus Digital Art Displays, the answer is easy. You turn on Mosaics mode and turn your whole wall into a display. This new feature available only on our app with our premium service will take your photo displays to the next level.

*Requires a premium account and a steady Wifi connection.

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Frame Size: 32″ diagonal 29″ X 17 1/4″ X 2″
Screen Size: 27.75″ X 15.75″
Product Image not to scale


Frame Size: 43″ diagonal 38 3/8″ X 22 1/4″ X 2″
Screen Size: 37″ X 21″
Product Image not to scale

Digital Display Technical Details

  • HD Resolution (1080p)
  • Digital Art Frame design is sleek and stylish
  • Standard digital frame: thin black matte metallic
  • Customizable with wood frames from your local frame store
  • Mobile app for IOS and Android to upload pics to Digital Photo Frame
  • Hang in portrait or landscape mode
  • 29″ or 38 3/8″ digital display frame sizes
  • Requires Wi-fi connection

Which Subscription is Right For You?

Select during check-out when purchasing a display.


Number of personal uploads50200No Limit
Number of PlaylistsN/A3No Limit
Art From Our Collection5 Pieces at a time20 Pieces at a timeNo Limit
Number of Displays per account2 Displays5 displaysNo Limit
Motion ArtNoYesYes
Monthly Service FeesN/A$6.00 / mo
$8.00 / mo
Annual Fee OptionN/AYes - $65 / yrYes - $87 / yr
Lifetime DealN/ANot available$435
Secondary Frame Service
( more than one frame on an account )
N/AHalf priceHalf Price
Premium Art AvailableYesYesYes