Digital Nimbus Frames

Nimbus Frames in Colorado Rockies

Nimbus LTD is a Colorado based e-commerce manufacturer of Nimbus Frames–

these large digital picture frames are the best way to display your digital wall art and photos. We ship anywhere in the continental United States via ground shipping for the care of your frame during delivery.  The complimentary phone app is called Nimbus Portable and is available at your app store. It assists in set up when you hang your frame and allows you to change the image to the next one on the playlist.  The iPhone app is being updated to allow mobile uploads of photography and images from your phone like the Android app currently does.  The two available sizes. The Orion (29″ X 17 1/4″ X 2″) and Polaris (38 3/8″ X 22 1/4″ X 2″) models are our stunning, large digital art displays for portrait or landscape mounting. The frames are Wi-Fi enabled and connect to the Nimbus Mobile app on your phone for easy uploads of your latest selfies and snapshots. You can find more information at

Photography saved in clouds

Memories in the Cloud

Why did we name our product Nimbus?  Did you know a definition for Nimbus is “a cloud surrounding a person or thing”? The world of technology refers to data backup and storage over the internet as “The Cloud”.
This imagery of moisture-filled clouds birthed the original idea of The Nimbus Frame. We wanted to find a stunning way to view and enjoy all those memories we have archived in “The Cloud”. Our family has spent hours scanning photos from childhood to marriage to watching our children grow into adults in order to maintain a digital back-up of all those pictures we have taken.  So many memories can fade on paper.  They are like rain stored in a Nimbus surrounding each of us and we just want it to rain memories at

Winter MemoriesPlaylists are a great way to organize and celebrate holidays, people, and seasons of our lives.  Add some of your personal photos and past memories of family and vacations to your playlist of Spring and summer scenery and festive images that are available on the Nimbus Collection and enjoy the shower!  One of our taglines, “Reconnect with Your Memories” came from the idea of creating playlists that you want to see throughout a month or season.  For example, during the entire month of December, we created a playlist of winter scenery and landscapes that was intermixed with pictures of past Christmases that included our children and Christmas Trees over the years.

A Nimbus Polaris or Nimbus Orion makes the perfect gift in every season!  They are large enough for your grandmother to see all her loved ones from her recliner across the room or decorate that special wall in your home.  Nimbus Frames are for the artist and the photographer on your list that loves to showcase their latest and greatest works and for the new parents that are taking pictures of the daily growth and changes of their littles.