You’ve Got Questions…
We Have Answers.


How do I connect Nimbus to my Wi-Fi?

When Nimbus is first plugged in, it checks to see if it has ever been connected to a Wi-Fi router. If it has not it enters setup mode and displays online help to walk you through connecting to your Wi-Fi and registering with your account. Once connected it will always look for that Wi-Fi access point every time it is restarted. For more information go to the installation instructions.

If your wifi changes or for some reason your frame stops connecting, you can reset the Wi-Fi parameters by pressing and holding the button on the back of the frame. When held it will display a countdown of 7 seconds for a Wi-Fi reset. Release the button when the countdown is done and your Wi-Fi settings will be reset to defaults. You can then use the installation instructions to set it up again for the new or corrected Wi-Fi parameters with the mobile app or the routers WPS button again

How do I upload my own photos?
To upload photos: “Sign in” to your account on the Nimbus Portal and go to the “My Pictures” page. You can find it in the title bar after signing in. On this page there is a box just under the title bar on the left side of the window. In the box it says “Drag images here to upload to your account or click here to open file browser”. You can drag images from your file explorer to this box or simply click on it to open a file search/select window.

Check out the Nimbus App on your IOS or Android device to upload photos directly from your phone!

How do I access art from the Nimbus collection?

When you are signed in to the Nimbus Portal, look for a link in the title bar that says “My Gallery”. Then you can search and view the Nimbus collection containing free museum quality works from all periods and genres, as well as collections from a variety of artists that are offering subscriptions to their works and images for sale.

“Top Picks” tab offers suggestions and features collections that might be of interest to add to your playlist as well. The little price tag on the corner of some collections directs you to images offered for sale or subscription by artist you can support via Premium Art. Subscribe to an artist or refer an artist you love to set up an Artist studio and offer their works. It’s a great way to support the Arts!

Try the “Search our Art” tab if there is a specific artist, style or theme you are are searching for. The Nimbus Portal has added images frame available databases to increase the content available to you.

Can I set on/off times for my Nimbus?
Yes. From the “My Frames” page you can specify what time you would like Nimbus to turn on any frame on your account, and start displaying your gallery as well as schedule sleep time. Simply select the frame you want to configure and it’s settings will display in a window allowing you to make any needed adjustments. This page also allows you to view frames shared with you by other frame users and allows you to see who your are sharing your frames with.
Can I control how often Nimbus changes the image?
Yes. Settings for Nimbus synchronization, picture duration and other specific options are available on the “My Frames” page. Simply select the frame you want to configure and all of its settings will be adjustable. This page also allows you to view frames shared with you and who you are sharing frames with.
Can I create a “playlist”?
Coming soon.

Currently each frame has only one playlist. The ability to change playlists and use multiple playlists is coming in an update soon.

Can I get a custom frame for my Nimbus?
Yes. Nimbus is designed with a thin black metal frame that looks very nice by itself. However it is set up so you can put custom frames of almost any style or color around it. Have your local frame shop build one to fit.
What are the dimensions? Are different sizes available?
Yes, We currently offer two sizes– dimensions, and styles are all available in the Nimbus Store! More coming soon.
How much does it weigh?

The Orion weighs 24 lbs and the Polaris weighs 35 lbs. The Hangman mounting hanger that comes with your NimbusFrame is Heavy Duty and rated for 60 lbs. We do recommend that you fasten it into a stud for stability if possible. Check out this “how to” for hanging ideas:

How do I hang my Nimbus?

The Nimbus hangs much like any other piece of art, although it is quite a bit heavier the most. It has a hanging bracket positioned on the back that can be rotated to portrait or landscape mode. A matching bracket is easy to mount on most walls. The Hangman mounting hanger that comes with your NimbusFrame is Heavy Duty and rated for 60 lbs. We do recommend that you fasten it into a stud for stability if possible. Check out this “how to” for hanging ideas:

The Nimbus Frame comes with a flat, paintable power cord that can easily be camouflaged or hidden. An electrician can install a power outlet behind the nimbus and the open void spaces behind the Nimbus can hold the cord. For the Polaris refer to these instructions. For the Orion refer to these instructions.

Can I hang it either in landscape or portrait form?
Yes. The Nimbus Frame has tabs on the back to hang it in either orientation. Once you decide you can set the orientation in the frame settings page in your account. You can limit you frame to only show the images that are cropped or edited to look best on the orientation you choose.
Is there an app for that?
Yes! The Nimbus mobile application can be downloaded from the iOS or Android stores. It allows you to set up, control, and upload images direct to your frame.
What kind of art is available?
There are literally thousands of pieces of art. Both still images and moving images (video). The art is organized into 27 different categories. Some of these are Animals, Architecture, Fine Art, Still Life, Abstract, Landscapes and many others. With more coming all the time you should have no problem finding many pieces that speak to you!
I just loaded some new pictures, how long will it take them to show up?
New images can take from a few minutes to several hours to show on the NimbusFrame for the first time. This depends on your internet speed, and many other conditions.
What is a Mosaic?
Mosaic by Nimbus is a new feature for allowing multiple frames to be hung together and a single image or video to display across all frames to create an even larger Mosaic of Art on your wall. Here is a demonstration of a large Mosaic featuring Orions in landscape mode and Polaris in portrait orientation. Mosaics can be created with two or more frames to create a stunning display. The two sizes of Nimbus Frames can fit together in unique displays. Add collections of art or family pictures to your playlist with at least the number of matching images to create a rotating family photo wall and art along with mosaic images.


Is there a glare on the display?
Unfortunately like any technology based display, there will be glare or wash out if the frame is mounted in a sunlight prone environment. Like most artwork it is recommended that the mounting be in such a way to limit conditions that cause harsh viewing.
What power source is used?
The Nimbus uses a standard power cord that connects to wall outlets.
How is the Nimbus made?
Each Nimbus Frame is manufactured in the Nimbus Labs in Colorado. Proudly assembled in the USA
How is the frame connected to the Nimbus Service?
Nimbus normally connects over Wi-Fi. Ethernet and even cellular networks can be used if Wi-Fi is not available. Contact us if those options are needed.
Does the software ever require an update? How do I get the update?
The nimbus service maintains and updates the frames as needed to allow new functionality. You never have to do anything but enjoy them.
For the Mosaic feature, are templates available for arranging and hanging multiple frames?
Yes. You can design your own Mosaic template on your account or contact us and we will help you. Here is an example of a template designed for a recent client:


What do I get with my service?
The service includes cloud storage for your photos and artwork from specific artists that you personally select, plus automatic updates to software and new features for your frame when available. You also get royalty free rights to display over 5000 images from the Nimbus collection. In addition to the royalty free works, you can purchase additional artwork and limited edition pieces from other collections of artists and photographers from around the world.
Can I buy a lifetime service?

Yes, with the purchae of the Premier subscription. Please contact us for options.

Can I give the service as a gift?

Yes. Please contact us for options.

How much is the service?
There are 3 subscription levels that renew automatically every month. It can also be set up to renew and pay annually for a reduced price.
Do you have a Vacation mode?

Vacation mode can be setup by contacting Nimbus Support ( , or 800-640-6171).  Vacation mode locks the account such that the frame will only show the startup/default playlist and the account is not available for login on the portal or via the mobile app.  During vacation mode the account will not be charged monthly or yearly service fees.  To disable vacation mode contact Nimbus Support again.  There is a small processing fee of $5 that will be charged to the account to release vacation mode.  A valid payment account must be registered with the Nimbus web portal before the account is fully functional.


How do I get my work included in the Nimbus collection?

We love new artists! Contact us at and we’ll contact you with the details.

How do I upload my work?
Images can be uploaded via our artist’s portal.
How do I create an Artist account?
  1. Go to
  2. Click on Create Account in the top right
  3. Set up your login and make sure you click on the “Artist” account type. If you plan to get a frame when they come out you can select both types. And let me know if you want to be included in our beta sales program for early adopters.
  4. Hit Register.
    Read and check the authorizations. The first two are required for an account. The third is for promos.
  5. Select payment method and fill out details for payments and contacts.
  6. Click Next
  7. Fill out the next page for each artist that you would represent (probably just you but….) You can add more later also.
  8. You should then be directed to the Studio home page.
What are Collections?
“Collections” are groups consisting of your art that is sold as a subscription to consumers. The consumer will pay a monthly fee to have the art shown on their frame. The collection can be changed at any time (art added or removed) by the artist so it is great for things such as “my newest”, or my favorites, etc… The consumer does not get access to individual pieces in the collection but each piece will be shown on their frame for the frame’s set duration(s) multiple times over the course of subscription time.
How do I get paid for my artwork?
When you sign up for an artist account you will give information for payments. We currently support paypal, but we can mail a check if PayPal is not an option. Payments will go out monthly if the account has sold more than $100 that month.
How are art collections priced or valued?
Your collections are valued by you. Nimbus receives a small (10-25%) of the fee collected. The amount of the subscription for collections or price of an individual piece is totally up to you as the artist and what people are willing to pay.
Will customers be allowed to download my art?
Your art never leaves the Nimbus environment. Currently that includes the website, where images are only shown in low resolution, and the frames. In the future we expect to have other ways of presenting art, but those will also be protected to prevent copying of the images.