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Digital Art Displays

Display your motion photos, standard photos, NFTs, and other artwork with a High Definition Digital Art Display from Nimbus Frames.

Art is more than something you hang on your wall. It’s the expression and manifestation of intangible experiences and ideals. It’s a little piece of who you are displayed for you and others to see. So why would you want to limit the art you show in your home to only one tiny part of yourself that you show on a small display?

Your pictures deserve to be displayed in their full beauty, at their fullest potential. All of your pictures deserve to be shown on a wall-mountable digital picture frame. Your walls will thank you.

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Color Your Walls with Memories & Moments


The Way your Pictures Were Meant to Be Enjoyed

Nimbus Frame’s Digital Art Displays were designed to showcase the beauty of quality images. Whether displaying long-forgotten camera files from your phone, showcasing artwork from our very own Digital Art Collection, or using Nimbus as a NFT art frame, our system is just what you need. Each large digital art frame can show images in portrait or landscape mode with stunning clarity that will do justice to the beautiful artwork on display. And, with ample storage space, the ability to connect multiple displays using our revolutionary mosaic feature, and custom image playlists, Nimbus Frames serve as a smart art canvas that you won’t find anywhere else.

Nimbus Frames

Bring Your Walls to Life

Nimbus Art Displays Come in 2 Sizes


Frame Size: 29″ X 17 1/4″ X 2″
Screen Size: 27.75″ X 15.75″
Product Image not to scale


Frame Size: 42″ diagonal 38 3/8″ X 22 1/4″ X 2″
Screen Size: 37″ X 21″
Product Image not to scale

I was hosting a party and I wanted to show all my photos from a recent trip overseas. It was easy to upload my photos from my phone into the Nimbus mobile app, and then I created a playlist of all my vacation photos. My friends loved it!

Nicole J.

I didn’t realize the Nimbus frame was a digital art frame until I saw the image change! It looks like a real piece of art. The image quality is amazing.

John V.

It’s like having all the world’s art galleries in my living room. I can select my favorite artists and each piece is displayed on a rotational schedule. Brilliant!

Dave A.

nimbus frames

Let’s Get Started

How To Get Your Nimbus Display

Step 1

Select Your Display(s)

Choose the right display size or sizes (we promise we won’t judge you)

Step 2

Set Up Your Account

Create your Nimbus Cloud Service account and choose your cloud subscription level from free, premium, or unlimited.

Step 3

Sit Back and Enjoy the View

Installation and setup are a breeze, so you won’t have to spend hours fighting with the settings. All you need to decide is which of your photos, motion-images, or digital art pieces you want to display first.