When creating a playlist for a smart art canvas, you have a wide range of options to select. Unlike the average picture frame, a digital art frame can showcase a limitless supply of images, from beloved family photos to fantastic mood-setting artwork. If you’re still figuring out the right approach with yours, check out these tips for creating an image playlist on your smart art canvas.

The Room’s Purpose

Wall art has a substantial impact on the mood of living spaces, so considering the room’s purpose is helpful when brainstorming playlist ideas. When you set up a smart art canvas in your home office, a playlist of images that motivate you can set the right tone.

On the other hand, if you prefer a more serene workspace, then a playlist featuring incredible landscape shots will help you create a suitable atmosphere. Of course, your available wall space is important to consider, too. Luckily, you can find digital displays in multiple sizes.

For instance, along with our small frames, we carry digital art frames in large sizes as well; that way, you can choose whichever frame accommodates your available space and personal tastes best. As you’ll learn below, even when you narrow down the mood you’re trying to achieve, aesthetic preferences are essential.

Aesthetic Preferences

Although considering the room’s purpose and the ideal atmosphere is helpful when choosing artwork, the right choice is always the art you like. Instead of assuming you must only use landscape shots for creating a soothing atmosphere, start brainstorming the images or ideas that relax you the most.

Whether you choose family photos or abstract art, digital displays provide you with a chance to transform any space beautifully. Plus, you can switch up your image rotation if your preference changes.

For example, if you want a warm and inviting living room, you can create your playlist accordingly. However, if you’re feeling nostalgic, you can add some family photos to the mix. Either way, always lean on your personal preference to create the perfect playlist.

Displaying Memories

As mentioned above, family photos bring a heartwarming touch to your home. As a result, dedicating a playlist to family photos is one of the best tips for creating an image playlist on your smart canvas.

Over the years, many families gain more and more memories worth commemorating. Unfortunately, if you have physical art frames on your wall, you have more limitations to the images you can showcase.

Thankfully, with a digital canvas, you can create playlists with the beautiful family photos you have from over the years. As you photograph more incredible memories, you can add them to your digital art display without having to place the old ones in storage. Of course, playlist limitations vary between subscription options, but the potential always remains.