Subscription Service Plans

Each Nimbus digital art frame requires a service plan. The service plan gives the frame access to the Nimbus Portal, Nimbus Art Collection and storage space for personal uploaded images. NEW* FREE Service plan option! This plan allows a limit of 2 frames on an account, 50 personal uploads, no motion art, 5 pieces of art from the Nimbus collection* on a free playlist. New accounts are automatically enrolled with this service unless they upgrade.

*Unlimited Service* includes unlimited uploads, unlimited playlists, and full access to the Nimbus Art Collection* including over 5000 extra high quality pieces from museum collections. The service fee for the first frame on an account is payable monthly ($5.99), or yearly ($59.00). Additional frames get service at 1/2 service price each. For the convenience of no monthly payments, we offer a lifetime service option for a one-time fee of $259.99 first frame plus $130 for additional frames. *Premium Art not included.

*Optional* Premium Art pieces and Collections are special artwork directly from artists or galleries. The collections are curated by the owning artist/gallery and change over time. Premium Art pieces and Collections are purchasable through your account as a Subscription or a Lifetime Purchase. Pricing is set by the artist. Opting to purchase Premium Art allows you to support the individual artist, Nimbus takes only a small handling percentage.

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  • *Lifetime Unlimited Service Plan*

  • *One Year Unlimited Service Plan Recurring Annually*

  • Additional Frame Lifetime Service Plan on Unlimited Account

  • Additional Frame One Year Service Plan on Unlimited Account

  • Lifetime TWAS Support Collection + Unlimited Nimbus Service

  • One Year TWAS Support Collection + Unlimited Nimbus Service