Have you ever been to a fair or event where an artist has set up and can draw a fun portrait of you, capturing your personality and spark in a caricature drawing?  What fun art!  Kevin Middleton calls these drawings the bacon of the art world!

We met with Kevin Middleton, an artist from Austin, TX, at a coffee shop last week.  He had created a studio on the Nimbus Frame portal so Nimbus users can subscribe to his vibrant colorful fun creative works.   The bright bold colors in his animals and designs caught our eye, so we just had to find out more about this artist!

Kevin Middleton is a freelance illustrator that has created murals, illustrated cartoon maps and caricature of people and animals entertaining and delighting many in the Austin area.   He shared with us how he discovered the benefits of digital art when creating a Noah themed mural for a local church’s children’s school area.  He found he could create his fun animals then digitize them and print them in large decals to fit the large wall space.  When he saw NimbusFrame he could envision how his digital works would fit our space as well.

Kevin has partnered with other artists in the Texas area to create the Fun Art Collective.  You can check out their website at https://funartcollective.com/.  A friend of Kevin’s wrote a manifesto describing this genre of art as, like fine art, it’s all about being individual, having something interesting to say and saying it in your own voice. Like illustration, Fun Art is highly accessible, can easily be read and absorbed and has the same immediate visual and popular appeal.  It’s whimsical and fun!

If you are in the Austin, TX, area in November, you can check out the Pflugerville Library Fun Art Exhibit and perhaps see Kevin’s art displayed on a NimbusFrame!

For artists, NimbusFrame provides a new innovative way to view art with security and availability to a wide range of today’s art enthusiasts.  We invite Artists to set up a Virtual Studio by uploading digitized works of their originals. Artists can offer collections to subscribers and individual pieces to collectors for a monthly subscription or a one-time price.  Our goal is to allow Nimbus Frame users to support artists thru the most natural way possible, by buying their works.  Add some fun to your playlist on your NimbusFrame today and support an artist!

When Kevin saw his Fun Art on the NimbusFrame he said, “this is SO COOL the backlit art looks great on it. As a digital artist, I love the look of my art on the computer screen and am always a bit disappointed in printed versions but the Nimbus is … truer to what I created.”  Wow!  Thanks, Kevin.  Check out https://nimbusdigitalart.com for more information.