Home décor trends and what people hang on their walls define your style.  Up until recently, we have been limited by space and two-dimensional photographs and art.  My grandparent’s walls were covered with baby pictures, yearly school pics, senior pictures of each child, as well as each family in a group shot, and all our ancestor’s portraits in black and white, technicolor, and color in all shapes and sizes.   My parents carried on that tradition of decorating the hallway to the bedrooms with a wall of family ancestors and images.  And they added paintings collected on their honeymoon and family trips as well as nature scenes from my Dad’s photography hobby.  My home has moved to the digital age.  Although I have borrowed trends from the past, inherited photos, and art from my parents, and added some collected pieces that I love, Nimbus Frames, (large digital art displays) are a feature on my walls.  I have found that Nimbus Frames being such large wall mounted digital photo frames are also a great gift idea for aging loved ones to share past photos and new memories with viewability from across the room.

1. Display years of memories

We live in the mountains of Colorado and have experienced many summers of high fire danger in these last 20 years.  This year has been a whopper!  One year, we gave our daughter a project to scan all our family photos in and save them on a hard drive to preserve the kid’s childhoods and all our memories.  We thought that would be easier than carting boxes of photo albums and 5x7s to the car every time we needed to make evacuation plans.  And now, with digital photography and everyone having the best cameras on them 24/7 with smartphones all our photos are in the cloud.  Uploading/downloading personal photos is easy from your phone or the web portal.

2. Decorate with downloads

The art world and museums have digitized their works and many current artists have used digital media to sell their art.  There is so much to choose from on the web and with a service subscription, digital art frames offer unlimited and changeable décor.  You can find your favorite art style, artists, and masterpieces as well as discover new and current artists to support on the Search My Art page.

3. Ease of Viewing

As people age, we can get less mobile and a large digital photo frame allows people to view family photos from the comfort of their recliners.  Bigger is better when it comes to Digital displays on the wall.  Much like a larger television screen, it is easier to see details like facial expressions and activities in the photos when the screen size is 30 inches or more.  A Nimbus Polaris or Nimbus Orion is large enough for your grandmother to see all her loved ones from her recliner across the room without getting up to walk closer.

4. Motion on your walls

Digital art and photography are not the only things you can display on a Digital Art Frame.  Videos and motion art are now easily viewed.  Clips of the grandkids laughing and playing.  Sporting event moments are captured in action.  Waterfalls and clouds can move on your walls.  The Nimbus collection has lots of nature videos and motion art to explore.  There is an entire section of art studies for digital media and motion art to explore.

5. Digital Art Frames beautifies your space

The lighted screen brings art and photos to life.  Sunrises shine, shadows are enhanced, and each image stands out to add beauty to your wall.

With many of us spending more time at home, interesting and changing décor can be inspiring.  One of our customers sent us this feedback:

NimbusFrame.com, “I strongly recommend marketing this to retirement communities and/or places where people live who can no longer travel as frequently or easily as they used to – this COVID pandemic is making us all feel that way – ha! The frame we use is currently in my 96-year-old Mother’s apartment – unfortunately, she is now unable to leave the complex in which she lives, but she LOVES traveling through the pictures we send her from places she has loved going in the past or wanted to still visit before being no longer able to travel. This is also a FANTASTIC way to share family and “framily” (Friends you consider family) faces who cannot visit her!”

That is probably the BEST reason to hang a large Digital Photo Display!  Visit https://nimbusdigitalart.com to learn more.